Al and Janette Sandberg
Al Sandberg liked hotrods ever since he could remember. He had his first rod in High School and that was his last one for fifty years. Al married young and was called up for service in Korea soon afterwards and sold his car. He came home to his wife, a new son, a job in the family business and the need to finish college.

A long time later after the death of his wife of 45 years, he was inspired to step up and buy himself a rod. He had been daydreaming of one and it happened that he had just met a widow lady he was interested in who he knew had spent a lot of her youth on the back of a Harley Davidson. He reasoned that she might like a guy with a hot rod, so he bought a ’32 red roadster with a blower.

He and Jeannette (the widow lady) dated for a few months and were married twelve years ago in January, using the roadster during their wedding. The red roadster only whetted Al’s appetite for something better and produced the desire to have a car built “from scratch”. He and Jeannette found a 1932 tudor sedan body in pieces and a black Brizio roadster in the Bay Area. Both cars were owned by the same party. Al couldn’t decide which car to buy so he bought both of them. Al and Jeannette had the fun of watching Roy Brizio and his team turn the pile of parts into a ‘32 classic design tudor sedan.

                                                                             Al and Jeannette Sandberg

Al Sandberg in his first hotrod 1931 Ford Model A, V8 with a 1932 grill - Pasadena 1947PFC Al Sandberg, Military Police - Korea, 1952.Jeannette and Al Sandberg in Al's second hotrod a 1932 Red Roadster - Newport Beach, CA, January 4, 1997Jeannette and Al with body of 1932 Tudor Sedan - South San Francisco, CA - January, 1998.Frame for sedan being assembled in Roy Brizio's Shop, South San Francisco, CA - March, 1998.Body sitting on the frame - April, 1998.Al with some of his grandchildren with the sedan outside Brizio's Shop - July, 1998.The Chevy V8 crate engine.Engine complete.Chasis delivered to Sid Chaver's Upholstery Shop in Santa Clara, CA.Sid installing the soft top.Interior with imported leather from Scotland installed.Car on display at 1999 50th Anniversary Grand National Roadster Show, Cow Palace, San Francisco.First Place.Good Guys "Outstanding Street Rod"1932 Tudor Sedan as it appears today.