Annie Bennett, Secretary


South Orange County Rods and Customs Monthly Meeting

​SOCRC Meeting Notes 0919
Club meeting September 12, 2019

Presidents Report 
Denny opened the meeting at 6:10 PM. There were 47 members in attendance. 
He thanked all who helped out on this event, the last barbecue of the summer. Helpers including Bob Wright, Jim Boka, Doc McKeown and Mike Stoner. 
Denny sent out condolences to Bob and Carroll Whaler on the loss of their son. 
He also thanked Mike and Nancy Rockwood‘s daughter for the beautiful flowers for Ben Buchanan. 

Treasurer Report 
Jim Boka gave his report. After paying for the flowers and barbecue in the park there is $$$$ in the kitty. The silent auction was very disappointing, collecting only $80. This auction used to be a big moneymaker and bringing funds into our club. 
Birthdays of September 
Denny Katovsich, Debbie Asturias, Willi Stinson, Jim Perez, Lynn Houchin, Sheri Donoho, Dan Copp and Andrew Weiner. Rob Stinson brought the birthday list as Willi had a bad ankle. Happy birthday to all our members. 

Trophy Hounds
Dick Bennett won a trophy at Big Bear. Mike Poppe won a trophy at the Enderlee car show and Don Bierce won a best convertible at the Labor Day cruise show. 

The Paddle
Dick Bennett currently has the paddle. It was meant to go to Rich Thompson. We voted on this issue. It was a definite yes. Denny will take the paddle to Rich at the breakfast get together. 

New Business
The venue has been changed for Saturday morning breakfast to a different location. The new venue is the Sunrise Café in San Clemente. 
This would have been the second meeting for our new club member Jay Smith. He was in unable to attend. Dale Hatfield introduced Bob Cowan a potential new member to our club. Bob has ’32 pickup, a Ford truck and a Durante highboy. 
Denny thanked Rachel for organizing Rich Metcalf‘s celebration of life. She had all the information but she passed on to members therefore taking to load up for Laureen. So, thank you Rachel. 
Jerry made a presentation of a detail polisher and gave good info on this item. 

Upcoming Events 
Cruising for a Cure. Bob Whaler had tickets for this function and Dale Hatfield took one set of them. Doc got the other set of tickets. Thank you for Bob and Carroll for your kindness 

Mike Rockwood won the 50-50 raffle taking home $83 congratulations mate. 

Wednesday morning breakfast group upcoming cruises:
Lyons Dragstrip museum cruise (Dale Hatfield) 
Crevier classic car cruise (Mike Stoner and Jim Boka)
Currie Enterprises cruise
Foose Design Shop cruise and shop tour 
Shine speed shop cruise and shop tour
Flo’s café at Chino Airport
Tim Timmerman cruise. 

Thank You
Dale Hatfield for organizing and leading the Lion Air Museum cruise 
Lyon Air Museum cruise participants Karen Stoner, Bev Knox, Barbara Block, Janice justice. 
Mike Stoner and Jim Boka for organizing and leading to Crevier Classic Cars cruise. 
David Freedman for arranging the new Saturday breakfast location. 
David Freedman for his invitation to see his 1960 Corvette build 
and Mary Freedman for the cookies and watermelon snack.
Rachel Perez for being the point person for Richard Metcalf’s celebration of life.
Bob Wright and the barbecue crew again! 

The next meeting is October 10 at Coco’s. Thanks everyone for coming!

SOCRC September '19 Minutes