Annie Bennett, Secretary


South Orange County Rods and Customs Monthly Meeting

​Club Meeting at Laguna Niguel Regional Park
June 14, 2019
Meeting opened at 6 PM. 
President’s Report
Club meeting and barbecue June 14 was held in Laguna Niguel Regional Park. There were 54 people in attendance.
President’s Report
Bob opened the meeting at 6 PM after welcoming Ed May to the meeting. It was so nice to see him and he looked quite well. It was brought in a wheelchair. His caregiver brought him. It was the first time many of the members had seen him since Polly‘s passing. 
Bob welcomed all members and guests to the meeting and thanked our great chefs for cooking: Bob Wright, Mike Stoner and Denny Katovsich. Also, a great big thank you to Bob Wright and Jim Boka for all the work they put into the barbecue including all the buying of the food and going to the park early to set up. And thank you to all those who help clean up after the meeting. 
David Lockwood announced he had a ticket for that San Clemente car show no charge. No takers. 
Denny Katovsich talked about the Steve McQueen Show. He announced that our club had donated $500 to the Boy’s Republic. The car show made over $600,000 and had quite a great turn out. There were 27 cars from our club. Denny Katovsich, Bob Whaler, Carroll Whaler and Ted Quinn also attended the dinner and gala on the Friday evening before the show. Thank you to all those who attended and supported this awesome car show and supporting the Boy’s Republic. It does so much good for all the youth of today, teaching the boys trades while they are at the school and then leaving to make this world a better place. Thank you, Denny Katovsich, for all the hard work you do and the time you put in to the show. 
Treasurer’s Report 
Jim Boka gave his report. He announced the club has $$$$ in the bank. He collected $22 for clothing and$105 from the 50-50 raffle. The balance now is $$$$.
Activity Report
The next activity will be the San Clemente car show. Jim Perez has organized the members to park vehicles at this show.
There was very little response for the barbecue on the Fourth of July at Karen and Larry Davis’ home so it was canceled. 
Birthdays - June 
Nancy Rockwood, Pam Hatfield, Richard Block, Don Bierce, George Jewel. Happy birthday to one and all! 
Trophy Hounds 
Dick and Annie Bennett won the best classic car award at the Steve McQueen Show. Other members Herb Lieberman and Jerry Burke won awards as well. Jerry was late to the show but was happy he came. 
New Business
Denny Katovsich arranged breakfast at Denny’s on El Toro Rd. in Lake Forest, every Wednesday morning at 8 AM. Please attend it is a fun get together.
Dale Hatfield won the 50-50 draw taking home $55.
Old Business
Dennis Avery talked about the clothes we have for sale. We have guys polo shirts guys at $17. Denny Katovsich modeled the black club shirt at $45. Rachel and Annie modeled the ladies short sleeve T-shirts, black or white. Please email Dennis Avery if you’re interested. He will bring him to the meeting for you. 
New business 
Dick Bennett has orders for club jackets as follows Barbara Block, Sue Jensen, Cindy Sutherland, and Herb Lieberman will supply their own jackets for embroidery. Karl Sutherland, Richard Block, Karen Stoner, Justin, Don Bierce, Dennis Avery, Ted Quinn and David Friedman. Please contact Dick Bennett immediately if you are interested in having a jacket.
The Paddle
David Lockwood has to take the pedal yet again and to add insult to injury had to pay a one dollar fine for not bringing the paddle to the meeting.
Dale Hatfield will make arrangements to go to a senior home after breakfast on a Wednesday to meet with senior veterans to show our cars. They will have an area coned off. The cost for this will be $8 which will go to the veterans. Tom Clarke will help set this up. 
The meeting closed at 7:10 pm.
Upcoming Car Shows
June 15 San Clemente Car Show
June 15-16 LA Roadsters - Pomona
June 15 Porches in the Park-Sea Terrace Park
June 23 40 Ford Day La Palma Park, Anaheim
July 4 Barbeque and meeting canceled
July 11 Meeting/Picnic in the Park -Laguna Niguel Regional Park
July 18-21 Deuce Days - Victoria, Canada
July 20 All American Car Show- Encinitas -benefits military
August 9, 10, 11 Big Bear Run
September 15 Outrider’s Picnic Irvine Lake 
September 28 Cruisin’ For A Cure - Orange County Fairgrounds 
October 12 Placentia Heritage Car Show
December TBD Christmas Parade, Laguna Niguel

SOCRC June 2019 Minutes