Annie Bennett, Secretary


South Orange County Rods and Customs Monthly Meeting

Club meeting at Coco’s Restaurant in Mission Viejo
February 13, 2019
Meeting opened at 6 PM. There were 44 people in attendance. 
President’s Report
Bob open the meeting at 6:10. He thanked Olga, the waitress, for a job well done. Bob also thanked Nancy Rockwood for that valentine candies on the tables. It was also Scott and Anne ‘s third meeting.
Bob mentioned that there are signs on roads in Laguna Niguel for noise and speeding. Please be careful out there. Also pay your dues if you have not paid them. Make the check out to South Orange County Rods and Customs and get them to Jim Boka.
Treasurer’s Report
Jim Boka gave his report. The treasury started out at $2920. Jim collected dues of $635. The 50-50 raffle was $125. Balance as of February 13 is $3750.
Activity Report 
Dennis announced there is a cruise to Bakersfield on February 27. National Street Rod Association and it’s always a good show with as many as 10,000 cars. Also, the Doubletree Hotel is only $49 per night for our club. Stormin’ Norman‘s Car Show is on April 13 there will be more information at a later date. Bob announced that the Orange Circle car was sold out the first day. He said that David bought about half of them and is selling them at a premium (???).
The Havasu Deuce Days cruise is on February 28 until March 3. Bill Story‘s road trip to Oceanside and car museum was canceled due to the rain. The Rotary Care Car Show, also known as the Dog Show, was canceled also due to rain. It was all arranged for the following weekend but was rained out again. The Rotary Club will refund your money or you can donate the money for the cause. Denny talked about the Boys’ Republic Car Show held in Chino. This is the Friends of Steve McQueen show. Steve McQueen built a lot of the buildings (like the kitchen) for this great cause to help troubled young men. All the students cook their own meals, work on the farm and go to school at the Boys’ Republic. They also make all the trophies for this for the winning participants There were 26 of our club cars last year. This car show is the Boy’s Republic’s primary fundraiser. Please attend and support these young men. The Bullitt Mustang car from the movie will be there. Also, when you register please be sure to write out South Orange County Rods and Customs on the application. 
Trophy Hounds
There were no trophies and there were no car shows due to the bad weather. 
Rachel Perez, Ben Buchanan and Nedra Fawcett. Happy birthday to you!
It was also Dick and Nedra Fawcett’s 62nd wedding anniversary. They brought a great cake to share with the club. So, thank you so much Dick and Nedra and happy anniversary. 
New Business
Frank Miles past a sympathy card for members to sign for Richard Crabagon (SP?) as he had passed away. He was not a member of the car club but he came to lots of shows. He was a great friend of our club. He was 74 years old. Rest in peace dear friend. 
The Paddle 
It was Herb’s Lieberman’s turn for the Paddle as he broke down twice in one day, two different cars, both on the tow truck. No laughing please. David was sad to give up the Paddle as he had made a special hook to hang it up in his garage. Herb is now the new owner of the Paddle.

Rachel Perez won the raffle $125 for her and $125 for the club. Thank you so much to Nancy Rockwood that also brought boxes of Valentine chocolates to raffle off. The winning ladies of the chocolates are Nancy, Rachel and Debra. 
Car Shows Announced
2/28 to 3/2 Deuce Days in Lake Havasu 
3/16 and 3/17 Classic Auto Show at Orange County Fairgrounds - new show. 
4/5 to 4/7 Good Guys in Delmar. Most of us will go Saturday 
4/14 Orange Circe Car Show it is sold out. We will meet at the Rite Aid it at Tustin and Chapman Avenue at 5:30 as usual. 
5/2 to 5/5 Morro Bay Cruise 
5/31 to 6/1 Steve McQueen show at Boy’s Republic. Register before February 28 please. We had 26 cars last year the theme is the Towering Inferno. 
8/9 to 8/11 Big Bear Car Show Please sign up with Bob Whaler right away so he knows how many spaces to reserve for our cars.
Meeting closed at 7:15 PM.

SOCRC February 2019 Minutes