make it look better than it appeared when we had purchased it. The little T-Bird rides great and looks good!

Enter our 1937 Ford Wild Rod. Thanks to Dennis Avery who gave me a name and phone number along with pictures of the car he saw at a car show in Pismo Beach. I spoke with John in Modesto, California, and he delivered this car to our front door several weeks later. It is a real nice car! I have added power steering, side mirrors, custom 2 ½” exhaust system and lots and lots and lots of polish and wax to give me a real winner.

Our claim to fame was when we were invited to Blackies (in Fresno) last year.

I’m asked what my next car will be. . .??? Polly admonishes, “Only one more Ed!”

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Spotlight On Ed May
The Ride That Led to the Wild Rod
My life with cars started shortly after my retirement. With the Dick Bennett’s help and advice, we sought out and I purchased my first car, a 1933 Ford 2 door sedan previously owned by Ron in Huntington Beach.

After two or three years, I sold the ’33 and purchased a for my wife Polly, a 1957 white Ford T-Bird. I saw a picture and with the photo was a local phone number in Hemming. This classic beauty was purchased from a party to whom I never met or spoke with. My connection was with a young man who had just begun his employment with the owner just two weeks prior. Time and money was spent on paint, tires, and brakes to