Jim Mitchell
Racing fast boats, driving fine cars, and enjoying the company
of a lovely lady. . .so what is the common denominator?

Answer:  Jim Mitchell
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Listening to Jim Mitchell is like flying wingman to an ace pilot.  Jim can make you feel that you are right there with him.  He has stories of setting speed records (some of which have never been broken,) in bots with names like The Flying Kilometer, The Cracker Box, Tinker Toy and White Lightenin'.  Stories of living through a boat flipping at over 100 mph, and of skiing behind an unmanned boat as it is headed toward shore!  As a listener, he has you right there on the edge of your seat.

And then there are the rides, the first being, as Jim puts it -- only "One Horse Power," but then there were others with more umph like his first hotrod, the beautiful maroon 1939 Packard, his favorite car the 1972 El Camino, the flamed GMC truck, and now his hot little 1932 Ford Hi-Boy.

An afternoon spent talking with Jim and his lovely lady Bonnie, one can only wish that they had been there to go along for what had to be a fast (and dangerous) ride!
Only "One Horse Power" sez Jim.Jim's First Hot Rod.Jim's Flying KilometerJim's PackardJim and BonnieJim's Tinker ToyJim's GMC TruckJim's Close-UpJim's Cracker BoxJim's El CaminoJim's White Lightenin'Jim and BonnieJim and his grandchildren